I have payed for the bot but I didn't receive it?

We sent you an email to your Paypal email address that contains the download link and all the information you need, please check your junk box. Kindly contact me via the contact page and I'll find a solution to your problem.


The bot keeps saying ''unable to login''?

Just enlarge the window and make sure your account is allowed to use Iconosquare.


Is the bot able to run 24-7?

Yes, with the delay function you can let the bot run indefinitely.


Could there be a risk of my account getting banned ?

No, the Delay function avoid this kind of problem. Thanks to it you will never go beyond the limit set by Instagram.


Does it work on Mac?

Yes, we have the V4 available for Mac on the product page now !


Is this a lifetime subscription ?



Will I get free updates?

Of course! If the bot became obsolete because of a Statigram update, you will receive a free upgrade so that you can continue to use the bot.


May I suggest you a new feature for the bot?

Of course! Your opinion and your suggestions interest me a lot. Please contact me via the contact page.